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Why Fatally Narrow

Why Fatally Narrow

My passion is reading, writing and sometimes working. I have recently returned from a solo backpacking adventure around Europe and I’m back in Brisbane, Australia.

Finishing university and beginning my life as an adult has inspired me to take a leap of faith and publish something in the world that I love.

So here it is. Fatally narrow, named for the condition of narrow-mindedness. I want to use this space to explore complex and insightful thought in novels, music and tv shows.

Investigating and evaluating our opinions is the key to compassion and understanding. Advert believer in Nihilism and trying to understand the meaningless of life. For me, publishing this blog is about putting something into the world I believe, will make it better. That may sound arrogant, but if someone feels life is better or easier after reading one of my posts, if it inspires them to think more critically about their opinions and what they read and watch then that’s a reason for publishing this content. 

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Other published work:


My City Life

One poem I wrote once. It’s about sex and religion. 

Latest Essays

john green

john green and youth empowerment

This essay discusses how John Green inspires youth to learn and be empathic. How he grants power to the youth by writing characters where there opinions is rationalised and valid among adults.


Pearl and Femininity

This essay is the first in a series discussing Steven Universe and how boyhood and femininity work together to present femininity as a legitimate identity. Pearl and her portrayal of femininity is the first feature in this series.

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editor fatally narrow

Get to know the editor

Sean Bradley is the editor behind the scenes at Fatally Narrow. He is a true literature enthusiast and feminist comrade, who never fails to pick up on my misplaced commas.