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Characters in the Spotlight

Characters in the Spotlight

Sometimes a character from a soothing piece of literature or relatable television show can seem like a real person. I know the feeling. That’s why I have dedicated this page to featuring characters that have stared in the essays recently, and one’s that are just too amazing to leave out. 

Centre Stage: Pearl from Steven Universe

Pearl fights as a member of the Crystal Gems. She has survived a war, choosing to betray her home and consequently giving up her home. Unrequited love, then having to bring up Rose’s child (there aren’t many people who can boost that). She is strong (in the real way!), she is pink and feminine and intelligent. Click here to find out how all these elements work together to help portray femininity as legitimate.


The crystal Gems


Steven Universe

Growing up

Steven is the feature character of the show. Everything the Gems do is for him. He is a loveable, young boy who has a magical destiny (maybe) and is just plain goofy all the time. His coming of age story is perhaps one of the greatest ever written.



A fusion of love

Garnet is the natural leader of the Crystal Gems. She is a fusion of gems, Ruby and Sapphire. However, she is more than combination of two gems . She is an experience. She is the embodiment of love. And badass of hell.



Her own gem

Amethyst is the only member of the Crystal Gems not to fight in the war for earth (besides Steven). She is an earth gem, formed from the core of our earth. She faces complex issues of self-identity and confidence. She represents the journey humans undertake on earth. 

https://www.fatallynarrow.com/ Fatally Narrow Hooray! It's Todd: How Todd remains content

Todd starring in Bojack Horseman

Hooray! It’s Todd. On the surface, Todd may seem like the comic relief, however, he truly is a poster child for the secret to happiness. He is just so damn happy all the time. To find out why, checkout my essay on How Todd remains Content.

Todd starring in The Chaos Walking

Todd is the protagonist in the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness. The series illustrates his coming of age story. How he fights battles of masculinity and toxic masculinity and morality. Read more on how Ness portrays masculinity in The Knife of Never Letting Go. 


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